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Thank You TB12 - Love, Giants Fans

It looks like every NFL fanbase is thanking Tom Brady on Barstool today and I've always been a company guy first, so here is my expression of gratitude to the GOAT on behalf of Giants fans.

Tom Brady is the greatest football player who ever lived. Eli Manning beat him in the Super Bowl. Twice. Once with Brady playing on an undefeated team and both times with the greatest coach who ever lived on Brady's sideline.

That truly is the greatest gif ever. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. Thank you Tom for making what would've been great memories even better thanks to your greatness. GOAT. Seven rings. Yada yada yada.

I choose to believe Chuck Scarborough wrote this tweet

Also thank you for providing a shittttttttt load of the cement for all the bricks Portnoy used to build the company I work for. I owe you soooo much of the happiness in my life. #ThankYouTB12