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Pray For John Tortorella. Now We Have 10-Year-Olds Pulling Off 360 Michigans During Intermission Shootouts

4 Days Ago: "I just want us to be careful...I just don't want us to lose what the National Hockey League is all about" - John Tortorella. 

Last night: "Hold my juice box" - 10 year old Cooper during the Blue Jackets intermission. 

Live look at Torts:

Giphy Images.

I mean if the 360 Michigan weren't enough, that celly would be enough to send Torts over the edge. Leg lift, power fist pump, you can tell that's not this kid's first rodeo. He's been making a mockery out of goalies ever since he got out of diapers. 

Prepare yourselves accordingly. This is what we're in for in the next 5-10 years. The NHL has been around for over 100 years. It took over a century before the first Michigan was pulled off in an actual game by Andrei Svechnikov. This year Trevor Zegras has basically been making it a nightly occurrence. 

You have guys who honestly aren't even that young like Jonathan Huberdeau teasing it and pulling off the Michisonk. 

And little 10-year-old snot nosed brats going with the 360 right in John Tortorella's old living room. The audacity. Before you know it, the Michigan is going to be more commonplace in hockey than a slapshot. Thank god we've got guys like Connor McDavid out there to keep fighting the good fight. Putting the FUN back into fundamentals.