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Bengals Fans Are Now Celebrating By Chugging Alcohol...Wait, Nope, They Are Chugging Skyline Directly Out Of Cans

Christ almighty boys and girls. This isn't going to be good for the city sewage system. You can't be out here shotgunning Skyline out of cans and not promptly destroy a bathroom. I even like Skyline! I'll keep screaming it. The dumbest marketing decision in the world was calling it Cincinnati Chili instead of something different. It's a topping. It doesn't belong on pasta, but it belongs on every single coney in the world. Also Skyline dip is wildly underrated in terms of dips. It's not buffalo chicken dip or queso with some chorizo in there. But it's a solid dip that you're never upset about. 

There's no way this can be good or let alone easy. It's a little chunky, it's not cooked, it simply can't. I refuse to believe it. This had to be the reaction whenever the Bengals started winning. I know they love the Reds here, but this city has been dying for the Bengals to be good, especially after the Palmer knee injury and the fumble against the Steelers years later and everything else. They couldn't just go to Madtree or something like that and get beers. They couldn't just take a Hudy Light  It had to be Skyline cans. 

Good luck to the guy getting Skyline dumped on him. You can't get that smell out no matter how many showers you take. That just seeps into your skin and doesn't leave. You're just the Skyline smell guy, which is embraced here. All I know is if the Bengals actually win this thing, the Ohio River is going to be flooded with shit and Skyline. Easiest guarantee in life.