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This Bob Huggins Doppelgänger Showed Up In The Stands At Baylor After Signing Autographs In The Chicago Airport As Him

This dude is just Bob Huggins. That or it's one of those deep fakes I keep hearing about. Still not sure how they work. But it's going viral and rightfully so. That dude who is allegedly a Baylor fan and claimed to not know Bob Huggins is just Bob Huggins circa 2011. Basically right before he really pushed Press Virginia. Now I'm calling bullshit he didn't know who Bob Huggins was. I ain't that dumb. This man has gone no less than 30 years looking identical to Bob Huggins. People probably called him Huggins for decades. 

You're telling me it took 30 guys from Japan surrounding him at the Chicago airport to figure out who that is? No. What I do love is those same guys just accepting a fake Bob Huggins autograph. Might as well lean into it. Go back home and tell your boys you met Bob Huggins, who apparently is a star in Japan. Surprised they get West Virginia games there. I do know this guy is a cousin at a minimum.