This Sixers Fan Just Put On The Worst Blackjack Display In The History Of History

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No. No friggin' chance. I refuse to believe it. Even Franklin couldn't believe the sheer dumbassery on display here. 

Now I'll admit that I don't fully understand blackjack etiquette. I don't know if hitting on the hard 17 there is a dick move or not. But to follow that up by hitting on 20…well…there's truly only one explanation for that. 

This man fucking LOVES going to the casino, spends all of his time and money at the casino, but is trying to make sure his wife never finds out. This man has to be playing dumb. It's the only reasonable explanation. Looks like a complete and total fool in front of the entire Wells Fargo Center, and that way he can tell his wife, "see baby? I don't even know how to play blackjack. Of course I'm not at the casino every night". 

And for that I say great work, fella. Sometimes you have to take a quick L in order to secure the season long W. Either that or this dude can't count worth dick. But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here and just trying to throw his wife off the scent.