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Joe Burrow Genuinely Believes He Would Score 12-15 Points In An NBA Game And There's No Reason To Question Him At This Time

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

It's Joe Burrow's world and we're all peasants observing his greatness as each day rolls on. Everything the man attempts he succeeds in. Turn a 4-win, last place Bengals squad into a division winner the next season? Alright, give the man a challenge. Take down the number 1 seed Titans on the road? Sure, no sweat. Go into The Kingdom and take out Mahomes? Piece of cake. Well, how about stepping onto the hardwood right now and drop 12-15 in an NBA game? When and where according to Joe. 


Every pro athlete needs to be irrationally confident in themselves, whether it's warranted or not. Even at your lowest of lows, you have to believe in yourself otherwise you're done for. Sometime's that can get a little out of hand…

In other instances like with Joey B here is it really irrational when literally everything he says is going to happen, happens? I have zero doubt in my mind Burrow could suit up and get me 12 if I needed it from him. Set him some off the ball screens and feed Joey B in the corner. 

You remember when he pulled LSU out of a giant hole against Oklahoma right? Ice water. 

And him being first team all-Ohio back in high school?

Oh yeah, remember he dresses like this…

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.


When Joe Burrow is done with the Super Bowl maybe he heads over to the Cavs for a minute and helps them get the 1 seed. Was he the true 2-sport star in NFL and not Kyler all this time? Do not doubt this man.