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Some Amateur Soccer Team Signed Legend Roberto Carlos For $8 Thanks To An eBay Raffle

I actually love this but for Roberto Carlos. Now he was signed for $8 with everything going to charity and it'll obviously be a sizable donation. But I think after this, Roberto Carlos should just keep putting up bids for amateur teams to sign him for one game. I want to see it across all sports. Like a men's league in basketball going out and landing Jamal Crawford or something like that for a game. Just see how much they can dominate guys who have to go into the office next day and work in Excel. Do it all this way too. Have raffles but it make it affordable. Like a team can't pay more than $25 for one game. 

Roberto Carlos is one of those guys I have a soft spot for too. Always loved watching him play and just dominates set pieces. 

I'm trying to think who would be the funniest retired athlete to show up for a random game. I'm thinking maybe Eli for a flag football game? He'd probably have the same expressions as he did playing the Pats. He wouldn't try to do too much like Peyton would. Basketball might be the most unfair for someone to show up. You can easily dominate basketball easier than anything else. Speaking of which, I wonder if I can convince someone to join me here. 

And speaking of eBay, this just feels obligatory.