This Guy Who Flips The Poker Table Mid-Session Is My Absolute Hero


What a hero. Legend. Asshole, sure. But man--whom amongst us hasn't dreamt of doing exactly that? You get your aces cracked by 7-2o and you want to kill every man, woman, and child within a 15 mile radius. You want to flip the table and put the player in a rear naked choke. And this man, well, he did exactly that. I guess I'm unsure he he also put his opponent in a submission hold, but I'm not ruling it out whatsoever. 

The best though is everyone's reaction after. Nobody really moved a muscle. No security, no shouting, just a lot of stunned stares and whispers. They musta known something was going to go down and they are glad that's *all* it was. A simple table flip and no grenades or machine guns? They'll take it. 

Hey, poker is hard man. On the last episode of the Cracking Aces podcast we had on one of the best, most consistently great tournament poker players in the world, who goes by his online name "Apestyles". If you were playing online tournaments pre-black Friday, you know Apestyles. He's been crushing the highest stakes online tournaments for about 15 years now, and has a very cool story, which he shared with us.




He was very, very cool, inspiring, and a great chat. 



As always, thanks to everyone who listens to the show.


PS: Watch this hand.