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As If There Was Any Other Choice, Shohei Ohtani Is Your 2022 MLB The Show Cover Boy

There really was no other option for the cover boy of MLB The Show 22, it’s Shohei Ohtani. MVP, maybe the best individual season we’ve ever seen by anyone in baseball history, the guy did it all. Now he can add a video game cover to his trophy case. He’s the most talented player we’ve ever seen pick up a bat and I can’t wait to hit bombs with his juiced card in The Show. 


I’ve always been a big Show guy, just traded 3 Orioles prospects for him in my newest franchise season this weekend, now we get to have him on the cover. The Show has nailed their last few covers too, last year with Fernando Tatis Jr., Javy Baez in 2020, Bryce Harper in 2019, at least baseball has gotten that right. When they first started to tease who was on the cover there was a rumor it would be Derek Jeter. It’s 2022, the announcement was made in Times Square, it all made sense. But this was right in MLB’s face, there‘s no way they couldn’t have picked Ohtani for the cover. No one wants Jeter on it, give us shotime! I‘m just happy they didn’t get cute with it and went with the clear #1 pick. It’s well deserved for Ohtani, I’m sure it won’t be the last cover of a video game we’ll see him on. I’m going to play so many hours of this game, I can’t wait for it to come out. 

Maybe we even get our online league back together, let’s just hope I don’t give up anymore walkoffs to Smitty…