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Why'd Ya Wanna Play Club College Hockey? Isn't It Obvious, For The Fights

You could have gone to play somewhere like BU or BC. Heck, Minnesota was on the phone and they were about to offer you a full ride. But you had to turn down those offers because in your heart of hearts, you know you were born to play club hockey. You know you were born for the club lifestyle. Still D1, but just as the club level. 

I mean why waste all that time and energy playing for an elite NCAA program when you can just go to school in Las Vegas, show up to practice as hungover as you want, and chuck some knucks while the student section is going berserk. That's club puck, baby. You ain't seeing Hobey Baker letting the bombs fly like this. 


Again, talent level has nothing to do with it. You could have gone NCAA if you wanted to. But the chance to drop the mitts and get in a line brawl with all your boys? You can't pass that up. ACHA all the way. 

P.S. -- Credit where credit is due, this Ferris State vs Minnesota State line brawl was great. 

P.P.S -- Still nothing better than this Arizona vs Arizona State goalie fight.