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Everybody Has A Price: Wrigley Field Is Moving Player Statues Into Storage To Make Way For The New Sportsbook

I don't want to make a big deal out of this but the same time this is exactly the kind of stuff I was made to make a big deal out of. The Cubs are packing up the Santo and Williams statues and sending them off to some storage facility to be repurposed and redeployed. In their place will now be a massive sportsbook. 

Out goes history, in with the new revenue stream. And these baseball owners wonder why we bitch and complain about their business? 


I'm sure it's nice. I'm sure it's going to be a fun experience, or whatever. But we kinda suck right now and Wrigley is already the most expensive game day experience in MLB by a LONG SHOT. I'm not exactly putting these two together but you'll have to excuse me for thinking it's bullshit that we're replacing these statues with a sportsbook. Say one thing, do another. Whatever they gotta do to make an extra buck. 

On the bright side, I'm holding out hope the Cubs end up building something to house the monuments. There's another one coming this year.  

There's room on Waveland just off Clark. It would be a nice gesture. But deep down I can see this temporary storage ruse turn into the statues going on Michigan avenue with Jack Brickhouse. If that happens then we riot. Jack deserved so much better and it would be a damn shame if that turned into a trend. 

Finally, I would like Rizzo to get a statue with Lester, Arrieta, Kris Bryant and David Ross. Those would be my 5 guys from 2016 that I'd memorialize in a group statue. I know I'm leaving out some big names, but this is how I feel deep in my plums. And if we can't do that, then just give me Rizzo solo with his ankle swollen to appropriate scale. Maybe the time he jumped on the tarp to catch a foul ball. That would be a great statue that hopefully the Cubs would never pack up and move.

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