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Absolutely WILD Video Of Two Guys Saving A Woman From The 9th Floor Of A Burning Building In Moscow

HO-LY SHIT. Nothing like a little jolt of faith in humanity to start off the work week! This is one of those videos that is crazy when you watch it as you see these two guys risk their lives for what could be a friend, a total stranger, or the upstairs neighbor that always keeps them guessing what the hell she is doing all the damn time.

However, it straight up breaks your brain when you try to figure out how your out of shape ass would've not plummeted to your death even getting on that window sill with your comrade dressed in your undies during the heart of the frigid Russian winter then carrying another full grown human down a floor. Simply not pulling a Costanza the minute you saw that first cloud of smoke like some people at Barstool would (cough, cough Large) is incredible in my book.

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This is the part where the blogger would usually say "Not all heroes wear capes". But maybe that should no longer be the case. I propose that we should start giving capes to people that do super heroic shit like this so they can wear it around town and get the morale boost that comes with being viewed as a hero in real life that all the people who post these videos of get thanks to all the Retweets and Likes. I'll ask Portnoy if we can produce them and include the Barstool stool & stars somewhere tastefully on it so these heroes get the recognition they deserve.


We may need to tweak this design a bit

Anyway, shout out to these two Ruskies for throwing Russia in the Good News portion of the news and coming through in the biggest of spots this side of Joe Burrow leading a team back from 18 down on the road in a playoff game where he was a 7 point underdog. Imagine Joe Brr rocking that cape along with his signature chain and glasses as he arrived for the Super Bowl? The Big Game™™™ would be over before it even started.

Blogger's Note: I changed the beginning of the headline from CRAZY To Absolutely WILD to see which over the top word would grab the readers eyes more. Will return with my findings tomorrow…