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Fighting Refs Is Good, Actually

You know who came up with the rule that you can’t fight referees? The referees. What a crock of shit that is, was, and will forever be. Refs have too much power and not enough accountability. They make a mistake they don’t even apologize, they don’t run it back, nothing. Even with the advent of replay they haven’t changed their ways. Now I’m not advocating for sucker punches or flaming tridents javelined through their sternums at close range. No. Of course not. But much like challenge flags in football I do feel it would be fair for coaches to have another flag tucked in their socks. An “on sight” flag that they can throw. And the refs can either apologize and fix the call the coach is so adamantly furious about OR they can knuckle up. That feels fair. You can’t just start choking a man over a mere disagreement. This is still a society. But a fair one in which both parties agree to hand-to-hand combat? I only see positive outcomes from this.