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TimTheTatMan Is On One Of The Most Historic Cold Streaks In NFL History...Now We All Await His Pick For Super Bowl "Winner"

This is truly one for the ages. Timthetatman cannot pick a winner to save his life and my favorite part is that he continues to double down on every pick.

CC - he tweeted this in the 4th quarter:

Andddddd we know how that game went ended...

Giphy Images.

Tim also made a point to show that maybe the mush was a coincidence, I mean the 49ers were up 17-7 in the 4th…

However, the only thing I'll give Tim is that he most likely wanted the 9ers to lose for one single reason - it's Doctor Disrespect's team.

If Tim used his own powers for his own benefit, then well done. Truly a 200 IQ move from Timmy Tenders.

But this goes deeper than just this past weekend as my video at the top alludes to. For a full recap of the playoff season of Timthetatman, see more below:

So now the entire world is waiting on one thing…Tim's pick for Super Bowl LVI and you bet your ass I'm fading the shit outta it on the Barstool Sportsbook.