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The Astros Have A New Triple-A Team And They Already Have The Best Uniforms In Minor League Baseball: Say Hello To The Sugar Land Space Cowboys

Just because there is no MLB news doesn't mean the Minor Leagues can't have some fun in their offseason. The Houston Astros announced that they were rebranding their Triple-A team from the Sugar Land Skeeters (A+ name) to the Sugar Land Space Cowboys (A++ name). Over the weekend the team held an event to showcase their new looks and name and holy smokes did they knock these out of the park. Their production team put together a hell of a video for the announcement and we got our first look at these filthy uniforms. 

Are you kidding me with these? That baby blue unis with the rainbow type line up the shoulder are insane. Instantly became my favorite uniforms in MILB, they look amazing. I think they are their alternate jerseys? I mean you rock those every Friday night home game and you've got a winning combo there. The Space Cowboy logo with the guy rocking the hat and bandana is really cool. The light blue with the dark blue shoulders look fantastic too. Love the subtle use of red in the jersey too, very well done. And I think those other ones are white? You'd assume they're white for their home jerseys, I just can't really tell. But I do love the space and stars inside the "Space Cowboys" writing, that is a great look. They didn't go boring with the font, love how they got creative with these. The two-tone blue on the bottom of the sleeves look awesome too. The hats are all awesome too, the logos are great and everything about their uniform set is an awesome look. I think the dark blue hat with the light blue bill is my favorite, it's hard to mess up those colors. These uniforms are flat out sexy, all 3 variations are fantastic. 

The Space Cowboy logo in their primary and secondary logos is sick too. The nickname is perfect for the Houston area so that name is a no-brainer, love that they had fun with it too and just put space on this cowboy's face. The fact that it's linked in with "Astros" is a good organization link too, love when teams do that. All around awesome stuff here with the reveal of the uniforms and logos.

And you know they had to unveil their new mascot too, meet Orion. I don't know what it is. A dog? A cat? It's something from space so it'll play. The only thing I know about Orion was when they talked about "Orion's Belt" in Men In Black and that was in the cat's collar, but I think it's a dog. Minor leagues are all about the kids and having fun, they for sure connect to the kids with this mascot.

Kind of jealous of this sick scoreboard too. These guys are easily my favorite triple-A team west of the Mississippi. Great name, awesome looking uniforms, fantastic mascot, killer scoreboard. A+ rebrand from the club down in Houston. 

PS. They have to play "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band as their 7th inning stretch song or I take this whole thing back.