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What a simple yet stupendous video that had it all in less than 30 seconds. A couple of suburbanites blowing off some steam in frozen form with a move as disrespectful as you can do to another human that doesn't involve bodily fluids after what I imagine is no less than 1,000 passive aggressive arguments over the years, Darth Vader himself entering the room at the 4 second mark, followed by a Seth Rogen cameo out of the fucking BLUE to close things out at the end. A video being able to cover all that in 26 seconds is bonkers, at least until you realize (TRIGGER WARNING BILLS FANS) the Chiefs were able to tie last week's game in exactly half that time.

I'm happy both combatants in that video were able to get their frustrations out on each other without things turning violent since the burbs can cause anybody to go crazy during a snow storm. But if either of them had pulled that type of fucked up shit on the GOAT of the snowblowing game, they'd be residing in a powdery grave like the people of King's Landing.