Ron Hunter Dancing His Ass Off In Front Of Fans After Beating Wichita State Is Why He's The King Of College Hoop Celebrations

I fucking love Ron Hunter. We can talk about how he's a wildly underrated coach, but this blog is about his celebrations. Nobody has a better time than Ron Hunter. Remember how he really made a name for himself nationally? 

And now at Tulane we got him dancing his ass off. Step aside cheerleaders, no need for you after big wins anymore. Not when Ron Hunter is around. Let the man take care of business. There's arguably no one in the game that gets people more fired up than Ron Hunter. 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

The man loves to dance. The man loves to coach. That's why he's going to get a power 5 shot at some point. And he should. I know you look at Tulane and it's easy to not be impressed. But that's very surface level. Tulane as a program is notoriously awful. He has them flirting with the top-100 on KenPom, something they haven't done …. ever. This year alone he swept Wichita State and has wins over Cincinnati and Memphis. 6-3 in the AAC? Not too shabby. This time it was thanks to Jalen Cook hitting three free throws after getting fouled with 6 seconds to go. 

How about Hunter begging and pleading for people to show up? 

The man is going to win, the man is going to dance. Rules are rules.