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We've Got Mike Trout Calling Into The Weather Channel To Talk About The Blizzard Hitting The East Coast

A lot of people think Mike Trout's time to shine is the baseball season, well you're dead wrong. Winter is his time to shine. And that's not me poking fun at the lack of success the Angels, that's me pointing out that Mike Trout is a huge weather nerd. No one loves dopplers and snow and forecasts like Trout. Not even Marty Bass (shoutout Jake Bass) loves snow like Trouty does. He's calling into the Weather Channel to drop some knowledge, name someone else who wins MVPs on the field and gives us update on snow squalls off the field. If we're being honest, I think I trust Trout more when it comes to weather than I do most meteorologists. He really knows his stuff.

We got this hard hitting action live from the Trout residence last night as the snow was coming down in Jersey. This storm is burying the the east coast and Trout is all over it. He's got boots on the ground to give us the updates as they happen. He's a very reserved guy off the field, unless he's talking Eagles or snow.

So while other athletes are talking about NFTs, Trout is talking about GFS and how it has to come in with the win to give us the most snow. So while the lockout is going on and guys are bored out of their minds, Trout is busy watching the radar waiting for more storms to roll in so he can see how bad South Jersey is going to get hammered. All we hear about is how Trout is boring and doesn't do anything off the field, how about we get him as an anchor on the Weather Channel, that is where he'll really shine. Sorry Gatorade, Trout only puts his logo on snow measurement maps. 

So while you think he's boring and doesn't do anything off the field, I'll be paying attention to Trout and only Trout's forecasts. Keep updating us with that GFS.