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Kansas Dude Drills A Half Court Shot, Wins $19,000 And All He Can Think About Is Partying With The Boys

Fuck yeah Connor. First Game Day back on the road in a few years and we get arguably the cockiest half court shooter on the show. Said it would take him one shot, drilled it in three. No one cares about though, because it's Saturday and this fucker - and I say that lovingly because fuck all Kansas fans today - is for the boys. No doubt about it. Paying school? Pal, that 19k ain't paying for college. You go to the bar and you have a night. Make it a weekend, Chiefs play tomorrow. Splurge on that extra sauce for the buffalo wings. Winning $19k in college is unreal. You live like a king if you have an extra couple hundred bucks. I had a buddy win one of these at Kentucky where he had to make a layup, free throw and three. Got a grand or so and let me tell you. It was a night. 

The best part of this all by far is this is where his mind went. He didn't want to give a diplomatic answer about investing it or just paying off student loans or shit. No, this man is ready to party. I hope Kansas loses but Connor, you have a night.