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This Wisconsin Fan Is Drinking Raw Eggs Every Day Until Caleb Williams Commits to the Badgers

Earlier this week, Wisconsin emerged as a reported potential destination for Oklahoma transfer quarterback Caleb Williams. Being certainly the most coveted player since the portal's inception, Badger fans are willing to do absolutely anything to land Williams, apparently including drinking raw eggs.

This is about as "Midwest" — Wisconsin is in the North and almost every state which claims to be in the Midwest isn't remotely close to being geographically accurate with that label, but I digress — college football fan as you can get. SEC fans would be tracking planes and calling every business owner they know to put together the world's largest NIL package and this guy is just drinking eggs.

I'm gonna be honest, this is an indictment on the Big Ten. Big-time "look at me" move here. You're just trying to go viral for doing something gross, it has nothing to do with Caleb Williams.

I'm out on this guy. I hope Williams goes to one of Wisconsin's seven supposed rivals and wins the Old Tire Iron and Half-Filled Jug or whatever nonsensical trophies they play for in that wannabe conference.