This Tecmo Bowl Recreation Of All The Chaos That Happened After The 2 Minute Warning In Bills/Chiefs Is A Work Of Art

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Let me first say I take no pleasure blogging this play since I know some Bills fans are inevitably going to see it and feel like they just took a Mario Kart spiked blue shell to the soul. But if someone recreates a legendary NFL moment using Tecmo Bowl, I have to blog it. It's not in my contract but it's an instinctual thing like buying wings and guac before a playoff game.

No matter how hard I try, I can never pull the trigger on getting into the NFT game and buying a picture of a monkey dressed like an asshole. But if someone created NFTs using old school Tecmo Bowl players, I think I'll have to figure out how to hell to buy crypto just so I can buy a JPEG (AKA ask one of the Youngs here at Barstool to do it all for me) because that shit is the definition of art in my mind.

I also have to reiterate that this blog is by no means a declaration of war towards #BillsMafia and the wonderful people in its ranks. There has been more than enough video game drama around Barstool over the last week to last me a lifetime and I fear that group of Western New York wildlings as much as I love them. However, any video that recreates a treasured game from my youth AND finishes said video like this is going to get some love from me every single time. 

To hammer home that there is no ill will, last night I started up another one of those donation blitzes that #BillsMafia has made famous because they are the best fanbase on the planet. Donate if you can, especially if you are a Giants fan or a fan of another team that had the audacity to even smirk during that video.

Here's to nothing but success from here on out #BIllsMafia and I sincerely hope Gabriel Davis continues to be the real life wide receiver version of Tecmo Bo for all of next season on his way to guiding you guys to your first Super Bowl championship (I'm being realistic that it'll take Brian Daboll at least two years to lead the Giants there once he can fully unleash Daniel Jones' superpowers on the NFL).