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MMA Fighter Hits Opponent With A RUNNING DROPKICK After Getting Sucker Punched

Okay, I have no fucking clue what the context of that above clip is (where/when it took place, what the fighters were saying, even whether or not it was real) but I thought it was fucking amazing and deserves a place here on the blog anyway. 

I mean, I assume it's outta Russia? It's gotta be, right? Subtitles woulda been clutch there, though, because I would've loved to know what was said between the sucker punch and the full-on dropkick. Guy in the blue seemed like a total douche the whole time.

Gotta be glad ol' turtleneck sent that mothafucka over his chair like Shawn sent Bret over his....

Oh, and what in the Squid Game is up with those security guards and the look they were rockin? What a wild scene!


Speaking of Russian faceoffs gone violent - who is this punk messing with Hasbulla today?! A NEW CHALLENGER EMERGES?!

How dare he touch the king like that.

P.S. Shoutout to Rey Mysterio, who has brilliantly used a running dropkick for decades to set up the 6-1-9. I interviewed the legend this week and had a blast in doing so….