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Contrary To What The MLB Calendar Says, Pitchers And Catchers Will NOT Report Today

I'll be honest, I just wanted to write a blog with one of those preposterous pictures of a baseball with a lock and chain around it because it makes me laugh every time and this Passan tweet was my in since every baseball fan I follow was interacting with it. Is there a reason to believe that someone who wanted to throw the pill around couldn't just take the ball out of the very loosely fitting chain? Even the bat could easily be taken out of the chain with a little bit of wiggling around the nub.

Anyway, I feel like today is the second kick in the dick for baseball fans as the lockout drags on. The first dick kick was for the people who couldn't tweet that it was baseball season the millisecond the Super Bowl ended. The next blunt trauma to the private parts will be when the first set of Spring Training games are cancelled right as we get those first sweet Spring weather days that have your stomach feeling like it's baseball season followed by the final dick smash when Opening Day is pushed back. 


I know the more optimistic baseball fans will hope that the owners and the union will figure something out to prevent that. But after Major League Baseball couldn't get a product on the field until July due to nonsensical bickering as the entire country pleaded for them to back in 2020 when the world was shut down, I have absolutely zero faith that will happen now, with reports like this hammering the point home.

Shit, this blog got really depressing really quickly. Hey you wanna watch some players sock a few dingers that were the longest home runs of their respective team's season? Good, me too!