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Nikola Jokic Was Too Busy Playing Video Games To Be Bothered With News That He Made The All-Star Game

I can't even lie, I love Nikola Jokic. There may not be a bigger star that stays out of the spotlight in all of sports than Nikola Jokic. We're talking about the reigning MVP. We're talking about a big man completely changing the game with his offensive style. He doesn't care though. He had a video game to play. Can't blame him. There are very few things worse than having to hit pause while in the middle of a game to take call. Best part was it was his wife calling him. 50/50 shot you're getting yelled at for doing something wrong and just start immediately playing everything in your head what you did. 

I argued this with Joe Burrow about how he's the most beloved star, but Nikola Jokic has to be in that conversation right? There's not a soul who hates him because who hates the Nuggets? It's not like they really have a rival or anything like that. Plus you have this gigantic human that may or may not be a little chunky winning MVPs. Everything he does is somewhat funny and then you have his two brothers striking fear into anyone and everyone. 

Let's be honest, Jokic knew he was going to be an All-Star. Sure, it's nice to find out for sure but it's not exactly breaking news to guys like this that they made it. My only complaint is he's not a captain. LeBron somehow, someway got the captain nod over him by a few votes. I want to see Jokic picking his team on TV. Good chance he picks a friend like Boban who isn't even an All-Star. 

Blogger's Note: Back-to-back video games blogs? He's heating up. Don't make me start streaming playing Backyard Baseball on my computer here soon. It's like when you get the aluminum bat with Pablo Sanchez.