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Jake Paul Just Dropped The Spiciest Diss Track Of 2022 On Dana White

SPICY TALK!!!!! I know I’ve been a Jake Paul stan but for the record I’m also a massive MMA/UFC fan and love Dana White. I haven’t missed a card in years so for the sake of the actual beef when it comes to fighter pay I’m neutral. Do I want to see fighters get paid more? Of course I do. But the UFC is structured very different than the other combat Sports so the business model is completely different. 

When it comes to this diss track I gotta give it up to Jake Paul. Very good. From the skits, to the lyrics, to the video itself it’s all very well made. Just an overall great piece of content. Also a very smart move when Dana White has said now that he is officially done answering questions/talking about Jake Paul. Dana White was obviously the primary focus of the diss track but Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor all caught some ricochet shots as they are without the question the three biggest money fights POTENTIALLY available to him out there. The reason I emphasize potentially is because the only way Jake Paul could fight any of them would be if they were out of their UFC contracts. The only one that has real potential for that to happen in the near future is Nate Diaz because he only has one fight left on his deal and then he’d be free to do whatever he wants. 

Jake Paul has made it clear that he’s donating all the money he makes from this video to fighters on the minimum 12k/12k deal. Very nice of him. Love him or hate him the kid is putting his money where his mouth is. I don‘t have a dog in this fight as I love both guys but you bet your sweet ass I’m stuffing my fat face with some popcorn as I watch the drama unfold. Stay tuned.