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It Is With A Heavy Heart That I Announce Delta Has Finally Taken Goodfellas Off Their In-Flight Entertainment

It is a sad, sad day for your boy. I have been traveling a lot as of late and, frankly, I still get a little anxiety whenever we're taking off because no matter what you say it's always gonna be a little friggen scary when you take off and fly in a literal box around the country. Sue me. But you know what's always a source of comfort when on said planes? Scenes From An Italian Restaurant & Goodfellas. As soon as each flight begins the speed up to take off I throw airplane mode on (like a model citizen) before putting Scenes from An Italian Restaurant on for the 1st 8 minutes of the flight.

Directly after that it's time to throw on Goodfellas & feel even more peaceful when I see Henry, Jimmy, and Tommy driving down the road in the pitch black with our sweet boy Frank Vincent in the trunk...next thing I know it's 2 hours & 20 minutes later and most of the time I'm near landing. And now after a good run Delta has finally done the unthinkable and taken Goodfellas off the flight. What the HELL does one do now? That's my go-to! My old reliable! You know how nice it was to know Goodfellas was always on there whenever I wanted to giggle on a drunk flight even? This is bad news bears.

I mean am I supposed to watch Californication with the curse words censored now? Wedding Crashers over and over again? Who the hell knows?!? To make matters even worse I have to fly cross country twice next week. This is DEFCON 5. Wish me luck.