UCF Will Literally Never Let Florida Forget About Its Loss to the Knights in the Gasparilla Bowl

Man, it must really suck to continually dodge an in-state, Group of Five opponent for years, finally be forced to play them in a bowl game and then fall flat on your face and embarrass yourself on a national stage. Then to have that school put up billboards in your own city constantly reminding you of your failure anytime you get on the interstate? That's a pain I'd wish on almost nobody, but luckily it's happening to Florida fans, upon whom I would absolutely wish any and all pain and suffering.

UCF usually sucks with all their whining and claims of mythical national championships, but this is a good one. When you actually win a game and claim nothing beyond what really happened — that the Knights dominated the flagship university in their state after trying to play them for years — you can be as petty as you want.

I can respect anyone who holds grudges and celebrates their dubs. And when you're a school like Central Florida who takes down the Florida Gators, go buck wild. They tried to avoid the smoke for many years and finally fucked around and found out.