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EXCLUSIVE: Footage Has Leaked Of The Fight Between Video Game Guys That Started It All

Simply stunning here. Donkey Kong does sucks, but he's a viable character in Mario Kart 64. He's no Yoshi, but I'd have him third in my power rankings behind Yoshi and Toad. There's something about that gigantic head on Toad that just makes him look fast. Like a 3rd down running back wearing 22. You can see him taking a screen pass on 2nd and 17 for 25 yards and demoralizing your defense. That or I'm just used to the Giants defense giving it up there. 

Now speaking of video games, fine, I'll battle. My favorite consoles: 

4. Nintendo

3. Sega Genesis

2. PS2

1. N64

Speaking of Sega Genesis, can we talk about Sega Channel? Too many people don't know or don't remember Sega Channel. I feel like any time I bring it up people look at me crazy. If you don't remember, Sega Channel was simple. You plugged it in and each month you had 50 different games to choose from. It was awesome. A personal favorite? Mutant League Hockey. Very underrated in terms of games. 


Let's rank some more shit while we're here. 5 favorite video games: 

5. Madden 2005

4. American Gladiators 

3. Fox College Hoops 99 

2. Mario Kart 64

1. NBA Jam 

So there you have it. A fight that all started because of Donkey Kong and video games. Unbelievable to see it play out. And now because this picture always cracks me up.