Barstool WTF: What It Means To Bite The Bullet

Sometimes I don't think we truly appreciate how far we have come in modern society. Like, I had to "bite the bullet" and shovel my back deck today. It was cold. It sucked. My feet got a little damp because I was too lazy to bite the bullet and get boots out of the closet. Not fun. 

More fun than where the phrase came from which was a "doctor" would saw your fucking leg off after a battle to "save your life" and the only pain medication available at the hospital was a nurse saying "here, chew on this piece of led that we found". That it. Suck on this other thing that could poison you while we take a hack saw to your femur. Then they give you a wooden crutch made from a tree branch with some cloth wrapped around it and send you on your way.