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Post Malone Is One Of Us: He's Addicted To Apex Legends And Can't Stop Getting Tea Bagged By Enemies

Post Malone getting tea bagged consistently by "16 year olds" on Apex Legends will never not be funny. Gaming is simply a humbling experience - whether it's getting rolled by a team in Apex Legends, getting shotgunned in Warzone by a bush camper or falling into lava during a long Minecraft cave discovery.

Right now, the entire gaming world seems to be moving more to Apex than ever before. Nickmercs made it his main game a few months prior to Caldera dropping, and now a lot of streamers + gamers have begun to follow suit.



I've always been one that's enjoyed Apex Legends, but if you wanna make content out of Apex, it has to be your sole game. It's Pred or nothing. Simply put.

I've been off the game for a while now, but today we make a return due to popular demand. Can't wait to get bagged by some enemies.