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Smitty Is A Bum LOSER And A COWARD When It Comes To This Barstool Gametime "Drama"

It's currently before dawn and that lazy BUM Smitty is asleep, but I couldn't hold in how much of a COWARD he is when it comes to all this Gametime "Drama"! Sure, he retired from the brand he started 5 years ago yesterday morning and was/is willing to move on with his life WHILE SOMEHOW ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO STILL SUPPORT AND FOLLOW MRAGS AND EVERYONE AT GAMETIME: 

But after watching this Barstool Rundown of him getting talked down to by a NEW HIRE HE HELPED GET GET HIS DREAM JOB, I have to say something! Shout out Sergeant Stains for bringing it to my attention! 

Afterwards Smitty didn't even say how outrageous and disrespectful it was to talk to ANYBODY like that, let alone a co-worker who has never done anything negative or malicious to you in the past! Even NICE GUY TRENT was offended for the Blockhead! Sad! 

Now there's some sort of real life vendetta from the whole Barstool Gametime Crew against Smitty…and for some reason me?!?!?! Why, you ask? Because…I simply FOLLOW Barstool Gametime on Twitter? WHAT?!?!?!? 

ALL HAIL LORD PAGEVIEWS BE WELL SOON OUR FEARLESS HANDSOME HILARIOUS LEADER…but that is UNBELIEVABLE! So the 21-year-old new hire who has ZERO managerial experience in the field has outright judgment and final say on what is deemed suitable content for Barstool accounts and deemed Smitty "Declared War On Gametime" based on I, CBS… 


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?!?!? How is that Smitty or even me waging war on the Gametime brand?!?! I challenge ANYONE to find ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE (before two nights ago after being attacked) of Smitty or I, CBS, talking down/shaming or stopping content/calling out one's social media engagement, stream numbers, work ethic, etc…like this entire Gametime "New Regime" has done to consistently and publicly to SHAME Smitty!!! FIND ONE EXAMPLE OF SMITTY OR ME DOING THAT (again, before two nights ago after being attacked)!!! 

Now, why did this come to a blow on the Rundown? Oh, it's because I ASKED A SIMPLE QUESTION OF WHY SOME BARSTOOL PERSONALITIES ARE INTERACTED WITH BY BARSTOOL GAMETIME ACCOUNTS AND OTHERS SEEMINGLY ARE IGNORED!!! An easy question that would involve a logical answer because gatekeeping content for the sake of spite doesn't exactly help BARSTOOL SPORTS as a whole!!!

Oh well! I guess now it's on?!?!?! Somebody has to speak up for that YELLOW BELLY!!! Now since Smitty is too much of a bum who doesn't care about CONTENT to wake up this early, let alone get in the mud, looks like I'm going to have to fire away some TRUTHS and FACTS that are honestly just the TIP of the ICEBERG of evidence found in about 10 minutes of effort!!! 

YUP! According to Devlin's ACTUAL madman Tweets today - Not only did insinuating a serious terroristic threat from a Barstool platform HELP Gametime (what???) - SMITTY IS TO BLAME FOR HIS "SWATTING INCIDENT" THAT GOT THE MAIN TWITCH ACCOUNT BANNED!!! Holy bananaland, Batman! In what reality does this fit???? But I guess that's what we're dealing with when the innocent Romper Room where General Smitty and Sergeant Stains would joyfully create video game content while quizzing each other on state capitals turns into straight up ARKHAM ASYLUM!!! Hopefully one day that lazy BLOCKHEAD will grow a pair and do something about this injustice even though he's - boo hoo - retired from Gametime! What a dink! 

PS - Just examples from the last day or so - "But he fucking had AIDS" - NOT funny enough common man, shooting the shit, "Couch Gaming" content for Barstool Gametime according to the stalwarts of judging comedy, entertainment, and clicks/engagement over at…Barstool Gametime. 

Whatever the fuck this is tho? STITCHES!!!