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'Walk hard', 'The Rock' And Everything Else New On Prime Video In February

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1. Reacher - Feb 4th


When the Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movies came out, a lot of fans of the book got pissed off because Cruise doesn't exactly match the physical description of the character. Alan Ritchson aka Thad Castle, does. I think this has great potential to be the perfect, turn-off-your-brain action show. 

2. The Rock - Feb 1st

I don't need to pitch you on one of the greatest action movies ever made.

3. Die Hard - Feb 1st


4. I Heart Huckabees - Feb 1st

This is a really solid movie that I think flies under the radar in Marky Mark's filmography. Good laughs, great cast and a pretty good story.

5. Nathan For You - Feb 1st


Nathan For You was seriously one of the funniest shows of the last 10 years. You may be missing half the series, but it's better than nothing. 


Feb 1st: 500 Days of Summer, A Fistful of Dollars, Borat, Die Hard, Die Hard: With A Vengeance, Forrest Gump, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Half Baked, How High, I Heart Huckabees, Lincoln, Little Miss Sunshine, Love & Other Drugs, Overboard, Platoon, Reign of Fire, Robocop, The Fly, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, The Rock, Walk Hard, Walk the Line, Key & Peele S1-2, Nathan For You S1-2, Workaholics S1-7.

Feb 4th: Reacher(New Jack Reacher series)

Feb 11th: I Want You Back(New prime original movie)

Feb 18th: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S4


Not disclosed yet