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'Pam & Tommy', 'Tombstone' And Everything Else New On Hulu in February

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1. Pam & Tommy - Feb 2nd

This miniseries is super hyped up and for good reason. HERE is my full blog on reasons you should be excited for it. 

2. Three Identical Strangers - Feb 27th

This is one of the best, and also saddest, documentaries I have ever seen. It's a must-watch in my opinion but be warned: It will fuck you up. 

3. Tombstone - Feb 1st 

I don't need to pitch you on one of the greatest dudes rock movies ever made. 

4. The King's Man - Feb 18th

I wasn't over the moon about this movie, but it definitely has some redeemable qualities. There is a really cool nighttime no-mans-land fight that was really cool. 

5. Kingdom of Heaven - Feb 1st

I can't find if this is the directors cut or not, but I would watch this either way. I will add the disclaimer that the directors cut is far superior.


Feb 1st: 1984, Airplane!, Ali, Almost Famous, The Bank Job, Batman 1989, Beethoven, Black Swan, Borat, Broken Arrow, Charlie's Angels, Crocodile Dundee, Benjamin Button, Date Movie, Fight Club, Glory, Hamburger Hill, He Got Game, Hitch, Kingdom of Heaven, Major League, man on Fire, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Other Guys, Patriot Games, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Rosemary's Baby, Seven Pounds, Small Soldiers, Snow Day, Step Up, Terms of Endearment, That Thing You Do!, Tombstone, The tree of Life, White Men Can't Jump

Feb 2nd: Pam & Tommy

Feb: 18th: The King's Man

Feb 27th: Three Identical Strangers 


Feb 4th: The Peanut Butter Falcon 

Feb 14th: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Hate U Give, Logan

Feb 28th: Behind Enemy Lines, The Conversation, Fight Club, The French Connection, Gone Girl, Hidalgo, The Interview, The Princess Bride, The Raid 2, Semi-Pro, Se7en, She's Out of My League, Space Jam, What's Eating Gilbert Grape