I Have A Plan To Buy A Pro Sports Team And All I Need Is YOUR Help As A Co-Investor

Hello, and welcome to the world of NFTs. This week we had on a couple of guys from Chicago who are heavily invested to explain what they are and how they work. Now, I won't lie...every time I hear about NFTs I have a very hard time understanding how it is not complete bullshit. I never wanted to be involved. Never saw the value. Always rolled my eyes. That was until these guys explained to me the "The DAO".

Now I am in on this ponzi scheme legitimate and beneficial investment scheme opportunity. DAO stands for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" and it is the key to me realizing my dream of becoming a professional sports owner. I've wanted to own a professional sports team since I was kid, probably like many of you, but there has been this barrier to entry that has prevented me from achieving my dream. The barrier was specifically millions and millions of dollars. Now, through the DAO that is no longer an issue because we can just raise the money through selling bullshit membership art pieces to you and the rest of the web. 


We (someone else) will create an NFT and sell them with the promise of being able to raise enough money to then buy an English Football team. Those English football teams in the Championship Division are shockingly cheap compared to American pro sports franchises. My favorite team, Nottingham Forest, has a market value of about $36M. That's it. For the price of one Mike Trout season you can own a professional sports team. It'd probably be more like 2 Mike Trout seasons in an actual valuation considering that NFFC are on their way up to the Premier League where the real money is, but that is neither here nor there. 

I am going to sell shares to you, the stoolies, and together we are going to raise this money to live out our dreams of owning a team. The way DAO works is that when you buy the shares we enter in a contract, and that contract will probably have some language in there that says I am the managing partner and a percentage of the share stays in my pocket, but that is just the fine print and it's to create a little bit of hierarchy. The DAO will need a little bit of centralized autonomy (for me). Then, when the value of the team goes up and we make a shit ton of money from being in the Prem all of YOU get dividends in real dollars in addition to owning a piece of valuable digital art that you could also sell when you feel like it. It is a win win for everyone involved. I'll broadcast the games on Barstool. We'll sell merch to all of America. Boosts on the sportsbook. Money coming and going and the team going to the moon. 

Someone just do the tech and put me in charge and I will take care of the rest. I promise. If you want to do some due diligence on Nottingham Forest you can read the article below. I look forward to taking your money our partnership