Glenny Balls' 5th Official Only Fans Power Rankings Of The Week

Low and behold we have somehow returned for a 5th installment of Glenny Balls' Only Fans Power Rankings Of The Week! All 4 of these previous weeks have been built on a foundation of the trust tree so I can't lie right now when I say this was by FAR the hardest week to write for as I've been traveling the last whole week for Sundae Conversations & haven't been able to fully do my scouting reports like I like to.

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So don't judge me if I go back to the well on my OnlyFans account for some inspiration and by the well on my Onlyfans account I mean the expired subscriptions area (yes they have that) and go back to some OG's I've since unsubscribed to. Just some things you gotta do when you're making the #1 power rankings blog on the internet, ya know?

#5 Cristina Lynn (fit)

So this an absolute gem on an OnlyFans to follow from someone who's not ridiculously famous or anything like say Natalie Roush or Sierra Skye. With only 44k on the gram our queen Cristina is still on the come up, yet her OnlyFans is that of a veteran player in the game. In the first ever rankings I wrote I mentioned a great model named Caitlin Sorenson who, in my opinion, does OnlyFans the best of anyone I've seen.

And Cristina does it the same exact way. Only $8 a month subscription & then pretty SOLID videos in the DM's for very manageable prices like $10-$15. Fair! Big fan of the both of 'em.

#4 Gabriella Elyse

As our friend of the program Jersey Jerry would say…this one is out of respect. Gabriella Ellyse is simply a legend in this thing of ours and there's no other way to put it out. Now does she post some shit as crazy as some of the other folks we've talked about in this blog series? She sure does not. But is she legendary enough to warrant the simple purchase of $5.10 a month to see what she's got going on? Of course…because it's out of respect for a legend and simply too damn cheap. I'm not sure if I'd steer my people here way if it was say $25 a month subscription though there's no way I can't for the $5.10 spot. I'm just interested in the logic behind the extra 10 cents though…hope that's not the kicker!

#3 Spencer Nicks

I've said it once and I will say it again…TikTok is a legitimate OnlyFans pipeline. I just scroll my for you page constantly and it's just filled with wonderful ladies making great videos that just happen to have linktree links in their account which magically leads to OnlyFans' profiles! It's awesome stuff and no better example here than with Ms. Nicks who I just stumbled upon. VERY big fan of her after this video doing an Ice Bath in Aspen with her OnlyFans bucket hat on top of the already free subscription price she's rolling out for her account. Go Spencer Go!

#2 Olivia Eden

Here we have someone ELSE using the Sorensen-method to near perfection. $8.99 and going OFF in the DM's…and when I say she's really going off in the DM's I think you can pick up what I'm putting down. Some of the other folks I've mentioned are mostly just sending videos of themselves and some are sending videos of themselves with some backup. This may or may not be one of the cases where there's backup. Not to mention once you're subscribed you'll be greeted with a full friggen MENU of stuff you can purchase. A home run!

#1 Stefanie Gurzanki

Now folks, you may have heard the name Stefanie Gurzanski before as she has been featured in a blog or 2 in her day on like in this wonderful blog from Kate about Gurzanski's elderly ex boyfriend basically suing her for taking pictures for OnlyFans in his house. C'mon dude. That's a not a topic to discuss at this very time THOUGH what we are discussing is the ranking itself.

And Gurzanski 59-year-old mogul ex must be FURIOUS that she's gained the crown on this week's ranking. She's someone else rocking the free method (I think I can sense a trend is happening of late with all these models doing the free method) and posting some good stuff behind that free paywall. Get in there and take a look for yourself!