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An Internet Sleuth Dug Up The Recording Of Jeffrey Epstein's VH1 “Fabulous Lives Of Filthy Rich Billionaires” And It’s More Cringe Than You’d Imagine

Remember when "The Chapelle Show" used to do that "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" segment?

I feel that that pertains to this situation all too well.

There was little old VH1 30 years ago, hot in the streets, fresh off of a makeover. They used to show music videos only our moms were into- Wilson Phillips, Sinead O'Connor, Fine Young Cannibals. All the shit MTV was too cool to play. Well at some point in the 90's somebody decided it was time to start trying to make some money. And that meant airing shit that sells. 



And garbage reality TV. (No offense to “The Sureal Life” and “Flavor Of Love”. I loved

VH1 were actually pioneers in showcasing, and idolizing millionaires and billionaires on their show that was before its time, "VH1's Fabulous Lives of Filthy Rich Billionaires". 

There they were, just innocently trying to remind everybody how shitty our lives are compared to the real rich, while rubbing it in everybody's faces showing how little money means to them.

$10 million for a third helicopter so the sultan doesn't need to ride in the same chopper as his harem?

Chump change well worth the peace and quiet.

A quarter-billion for a private island where the math teacher turned overnight billionaire can do whatever he wants outside the watchful eye of the law, but still enjoying the comforts of the United States legal jurisdiction?

Can he buy two?

Nobody is sure when, but sometime over the past decade or so when it became very apparent that Epstein was a child-abusing, scum of the Earth, psychopathic, pedophile.

So VH1 got on their high horse to scrub this episode from every corner of the internet possible.

But they didn't know this Reddit sleuth would be able to track down bits and pieces of it from different sources and splice it all together.

(Hopefully, he doesn't get suicided anytime soon)

I'll let everybody watch this, and cringe for themselves, but far and away my favorite part of this video is the VH1 narrator voice, and the VH1 lackeys they trot out to gush over these people being simply ASTOUNDED by the "fact" that Jeffrey Epstein was just a lowly public school math teacher who one day decided he was going to become a billionaire. 

It's a great reminder of a time when society wasn't completely brainwashed and obsessed by celebrity idolatry. 

Here were some of the best parts.

Oh yah, Jeff? Guy fuckin LOVED math. All of it. Trig, algebra 2, geometry. Huge nerd.

Just hanging and banging with my pal, he's a professor at Harvard. No big deal. Just Harvard. Ever heard of it? See my rugby shirt? Says Harvard on it. 

The narrator legit saying "Jeffrey just couldn't stay out of the classroom…"

Giphy Images.

This fuckin squeezer from "Paper" fellating Epstein. Gag me.

"He threw down $25 million for the school house, and then another 20 million just to renovate it" (gargle, gargle, swallow)

$51 Million for this joint and the thing VH1 is most impressed by is the heated sidewalks? 

If you think that's sweet, wait til you see the sex dungeon

Jeff is SUCH a baller. He has a FLEET of private jets.

This one.

This one.

And a commercial airliner.

Because who doesn't need their own commercial airliner? Totally normal.

What a fucking wrecking crew.

More pictures super imposed of world-famous mathematician Jeffrey Epstein doing math stuff. 

Fun fact - did you know Jeffrey Epstein loved science? Almost as much as…. nevermind. But yah. Fuckin loved science. See the microscope?

He loved it so much, he donated $20 million per year to a "scientific research" foundation he founded. Totally not a write-off, he just LOVED science guys. What did they discover? Who knows. But they researched.

Just listen to Sarah from NY Mag tell you again how much he loved science. Total baller!

Remember how big Maxim was at one point? At their peak they were up there with any and all the "lad mags" as the Brits called them. Kids today have zero clue what Maxim was, but for kids who couldn't convince the Cumberland Farms cashier to sell them one of the mags behind the counter, or didn't have the balls to jack one from Barnes & Noble, Maxim was a GREAT consolation prize.

Another house.

Another house. No big deal.

Sup ma?

Reminder: math teacher turned "stock guru".

Now for the stuff VH1 didn't show you. 

Little St. James aka Pedophile Island. Epstein's private island.

The Cut - More than two decades ago, Little St. James Island, a small part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, began to change in ways that the locals on neighboring islands regarded with suspicion. Plants were cleared. Poles bearing American flags went up. Security guards lined the beaches.

These transformations, according to the Associated Press, happened when the island was bought by accused child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead by apparent suicide in his prison cell on August 10. The island has, over the years, gained a handful of sinister nicknames: “Orgy Island,” “Pedophile Island,” and “Island of Sin.” (Epstein, Bloomberg reports, preferred the nickname “Little St. Jeff’s.”)

In 1998, for $7.95 million, Epstein purchased Little St. James Island, which is situated between the larger St. Thomas and St. John islands. After buying the 72-acre body of land, Epstein outfitted the island with towering palm trees, multiple buildings, and a helicopter pad

And lets not forget the temple. You can't buy your own island and not erect your own temple. Everybody know's the rules.

It used to have a giant golden dome on top of it, but Irma and Maria blew it off in 2017.

Here it was.

Rumors have swirled as to what the temple was used for. We've heard everything from "a music room for Jeffrey to practice his classical piano" lol, to "a gym. Complete with a giant painted mural of a topless woman". To" the ground level entrance that leads to an underground lair."

What's really fuckin crazy is that in 2016 Epstein forked over another $18 million for the neighboring Great St. James Island. Which he planned to make even bigger and better than Little St. James.

In 2016, Epstein purchased the nearby Great St. James Island, which is approximately 165 acres, for $18 million. He had begun construction on a compound there despite a stop-work order that had been in place since December. The compound was to feature an amphitheater, an underwater office, and pool, according to the Virgin Islands Daily News.

The Virgin Island authorities told him no way Jose and refused to issue construction permits. Because even they knew. Sad it took authorities on the mainland three more years to getting around to arresting and charging him.

p.s. - yes I'm aware Maxwell's team is going hard to try and get her case thrown out on a mistrial. I'll have a blog next week when I'm back on the grid.