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Busy Week Ahead: Wednesday: New Washington Football Team Name. Thursday: Congressional Hearing About Dan Snyder


And on and on we go! Washington football baby, there is no offseason! Well, ok, let's take that back. Our offseason starts around week 9, and it never ends! Once the regular season starts, the real fun begins. Lawsuits! Front office leaks! Quarterback controversies! Something so far out of the blue we never could have dreamt it, but of course Dan Snyder is involved in it!

This year is obviously no different, and we're going to get off to a ROARING start next week. First on Wednesday they will finally announce the new team name. By all accounts it's Commanders....




...and I think it's a perfectly fine name. As far as team names go, nothing will make everyone happy. And most team names in general are lame. I mean, there's a team named the Browns. The Pelicans. I root for a team called the Wizards. Some baseball teams are completely ridiculous when you think about it- the Reds. How boring is that. Just a color. The Oakland Athletics? White Sox? But we don't really think about team names, it's all about branding. And I think Commanders is great for branding. Invoke the DC military tie-ins, probably will use some of the RedTails stuff, and I think we have something pretty cool here.

I don't get people who are like "sounds like a high school team name". What does that even mean? Most high schools just use sports names as theirs- that's why every 4th high school is the Falcons or Eagles. I think Commanders is bad ass. People are already whining about it, as expected, but it could be way, WAYYYY worse. And besides, if the team wins, nobody will care. When we went 7-9 two years ago and made the playoffs, nobody cared we were rooting for the "Washington Football Team". It was just exciting to root for our team. Same thing with Commanders. If the team is winning, the fans will be all in sooner than later, that's just how it goes.

So after the excitement of the new name, the very next day we get a congressional hearing about Dan Snyder!



I don't know her politics whatsoever, but if Representative Maloney can get Dan Snyder taken down, I will vote for her for anything, blindly, until I die. I'll volunteer for her campaign. I don't care if her platform is that we need more child soldiers, I'm all in. Make beer illegal? Sure, whatever you say Miss Maloney. Bring down Snyder and your wish is my command. 

So fun week coming up. Commanders and then Congress. Jeff Bezos is somewhere salivating. Line her pockets, king! Pull a Peter Thiel and empty your bank account. Down with Dan! Down with Dan!