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People Who Are Fans Of Both Lady Gaga AND Taylor Swift Are Left Paralyzed With Fear Over Lady Gaga's Passionate Photos And Interview With Jake Gyllenhaal

Although Gaga and Gyllenhaal don’t know each other, their chemistry pops from the moment they meet at our shoot. (Take note, future casting directors.) And their posing calls to mind two grown-ups suddenly on a prom date. “I’ve never held anyone like this,” Gyllenhaal says as he wraps his arm awkwardly around Gaga’s waist, as a small group of handlers coo their approval. “Mommy and Daddy love each other,” Gaga says. “Good job, honey.” They are so at ease, Gaga even cracks a joke about “Bubble Boy,” the 2001 teen comedy that Gyllenhaal made at the start of his career.

“The two of us are a nightmare,” Gaga says with a laugh. Which is to say that they give us all the outsize drama — and insights — that fans crave. Over the next hour, they share their deepest acting secrets, methods, inspirations. And they discuss why “Donnie Darko” is like a religion for Gaga.

This is...unexpected. We all know Jake and Stefani are both freaks, who are equally passionate about the craft of acting. But what happens to those of us who love Lady Gaga AND Taylor Swift, watching LG have so much love and praise for our arch nemesis, Jake?

I think I can confidently say I am more of a Swiftie than a Little Monster, but Bad Romance DID change my life. I think we...can try to ignore this one? LG is a confirmed weirdo, and I think by now we all know Jake is too. Weirdly, these two might be a good couple? LG can humble him, but they can still share their favorite activities together, like looking at themselves in the mirror and hearing themselves speak? I wouldn't want Gaga and Taylor to mix anyway, they can be supportive of each other in the industry without collabing, so I'm not worried about bad blood affecting and future I think I've made the decision. We can just go on about our business while Jake and Gaga play Mommy and Daddy at photoshoots. Weird people do weird shit. 

Also, do I think they're dating? Not a chance. But mark my words, they will hook up at the very least. The lust is palpable.