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Fate Should Bring Aaron Rodgers To The Colts

The Bronco's hiring one of Rodger's guys has obviously boosted up their odds of landing him this offseason. They a few young, talented players to deal and, more importantly, a ton of picks. As of right now, they have:

- 1x first round pick(#9 overall)
- 2x second round picks
- 2x third round picks
- 1x fourth round pick
- 2x fifth round picks
- 1x 7th round pick 

Presuming the Broncos are willing to offer the house, they can definitely put together an attractive package for Green Bay. The Broncos also have a decent chunk of change(a little over $44 Million) to spend this offseason, which means they could potentially sign Davante Adams if the Packers don't franchise tag him. So for Rodgers, you could be stepping into a team with a really good defense and a really solid/young offensive group in Williams Jeudy and Sutton. Here is the problem:

It's the AFC West. 


If you are Rodgers, wanting to go from the NFC North to the AFC west is psychotic. You'd be going from a cakewalk to the playoffs every year to a 3-way deathmatch. Going from Goff, Fields(who i do think will get much better under new management fwiw) and Cousins to Mahomes, Herbert and Carr. Not to mention the Chargers are going into the offseason with $62 million in cap to spend on their terrible defense. 

Here is the alternative that I think could work out for both Rodgers and the Packers. THE COLTS.

There is a ton of upside for Rodgers in this scenario. The AFC South is wide open for the taking, and is definitely the easiest division in the conference. Stepping into the Colts, he would have a much better offensive line than the Broncos can offer, and ELITE RB, and solid WR/TE talent even without Adams. Also, they are in a dome which is great for a late-career QB. Their defense isn't as good as Denver's but they don't suck either. Not to mention they won't be tasked with any elite QBs in the division. Beyond the obvious advantages there, I don't think Indy is a town that Rodgers would hate. You like going on McAfee's show? Guess where it tapes! In fact, Rodgers even said that when he makes his decision, it will be IN INDIANAPOLIS on McAfee's show!

Giphy Images.

The problem is that there are a few hurdles the Colts need to jump to make this work. They only have $2 million less in space than Denver, but they need to find a way to get rid of Carson Wentz & his $28 million cap hit. How do they do it? 

- They can find a team dumb enough to trade for him without something of value attached.
- They can find a team smart enough to demand something of value be attached.
- They can cut him now and only eat $15 million. 

Their bigger problem, though, is putting together an attractive enough package for the Packers. They have 8 picks this year, but none of them are first rounders. In fact, most of them are in the back end of the draft. They could potentially throw in their 2023 first rounder along with whatever the Pack wanted from this year, but there is no way that would be enough. If Stafford was valued at two firsts and a third, the Pack should get a more for Rodgers. The Colts could offer some roster talent like Leonard or Buckner, but I'm not sure how far that would go. 

I feel like a lot of this will come down to Rodgers. If he were to go on to the McAfee show and say he wants to go to the Colts, what could the Packers do? Rodgers is just enough of an asshole that I could see him threatening to retire if they try to keep him or send him anywhere other than where he wants to go. Will that place be Indy? I don't know. But it should be. If he cares about having the best/easiest route to the Super Bowl, it's a more attractive proposition than Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland or any of the other proposed spots. 

P.S. As a Chargers fan, I am obviously unbiased. I'm definitely not projecting my fear that Rodgers ends up in the West and fucks the Chargers out of their rookie contract Herbie years.