Italian Soccer Ref Diana Di Meo Is Too Embarrassed To Leave Her Home After Her X-Rated Private Photos And Videos Were Leaked Online

Meet Diana Di Meo, an Italian soccer referee in her early twenties who doubles as a hard-working student of law. Unfortunately because of some fucked up person out there Di Meo's phone was recently hacked, resulting in a ton of her private photos and videos leaking online. She's now refusing to leave her house out of embarrassment. 

(Mirror) The match official, from Pescara, shared the traumatic news with a lengthy video to her 113,000-plus followers on Instagram after reporting the crime to the police."I've been locked up at home, I've been crying and throwing up for two days," she told the authorities, according to The Sun.

Di Meo suspects her phone was hacked into and the report adds the perpetrators could face up to six years in jail for sharing the content without her consent. As well as refereeing matches, she is a law student and has received many messages of support during the ordeal.

 "It is a situation that I do not wish on anyone, I am trying to resist but not everyone succeeds. We must report these videos and the people who continue to share these things."

Poor girl was just living life, making some money as a ref to help pay for law school and now she's too ashamed to step outside and show her face because of some hacker living in his mom's basement. Having seen heard of something similar go on at this company, it's terrible to see it continue to happen. We must find this person as soon as possible and bring them to justice. We're pulling for you Diana.