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Tradition Returns: The NCAA Tournament Is (Correctly) Going Back To Thursday-Sunday Games

Live look at everyone when they see this news: 

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Bring back Gus Johnson to the NCAA Tournament. It's a goddamn travesty there's not something in place for him to be there. I don't care about network politics, I care about my happiness. My happiness is Gus in March with Raft. 

Alright so a year later we're back. I know I didn't hate the Friday-Monday setup. It was different but it actually worked. It's easier to sneak out on a Friday from work if you work a 'normal' job and then just take off Monday. Felt like a little treat with that Monday. But, Reags likes tradition and tradition is Thursday/Friday 1st round games, Saturday/Sunday Round of 32 games. Repeat next week. 

All that said, these are the two best days of the calendar year. You either take the half day on Thursday or off both days, head to the bar or a house with your guys and watch 12 hours of basketball with the pit in your stomach as your team plays. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that my job it doesn't really matter what day this goes down. People will celebrate, I'll get to watch every game and all that. But there's something special about that feeling on a Thursday/Friday. It's just how the NCAA Tournament is supposed to be. It's a very strict schedule. Selection Sunday. Spend the next 48 hours analyzing every single break of the bracket. Watch the First Four games. Then panic. 

I'm just glad to see some normalcy again here. Do I care too much about the NCAA Tournament? Yes. Yes, I do. That's not changing after 35 years either. So start putting in those PTO days because it's Thursday-Friday again this year. 6  weeks or so to start practicing for that week.