With A Heavy Heart, I Hereby Announce My Retirement From Barstool Gametime

And that's all she wrote. Almost 5 years, thousands of hours streamed, millions upon millions of views, countless guests, even more laughs. The writing was obviously on the wall for awhile now - SEE HERE - but it's time to make it official - I am officially retiring from the brand I created in 2017 (initially along with Coley, Clem, and Honk) - Barstool Gamenight Gametime. After last evening's chaos, it's time to actually step away.

To summarize, and I don't really have a dog in a fight here, CBS apparently noticed some unusual activity involving the Barstool Gametime social accounts since shortly before the New Year. Now, Clickbait Smits is an agent of truth and justice within these Barstool walls. When he noticed some irregularities years ago over how random Washington Football posts and other specific blogger articles were being Tweeted out by the main account wayyyyyy more frequently than others, he got to the bottom of it.  So CBS had me email who I though was in charge of the Gametime accounts (would've texted the group chat but was taken off months ago and never reinstated) and simply asked along the lines of "Why does the Gametime social interact with some Barstool personalities when they put content out involving gaming and not others?", citing specific examples. A fair question about business practices that affect careers in which hopefully resulted in a logical answer. Well, it did not result in a logical answer. Oh boy did it not. Mrags responded with a video diatribe and email saying I'm trying to sabotage "Everything he's built" in the last 9 months and Devlin, whose emails weren't made public because some people here respect people enough that they won't put out one's personal matters, started off describing his current life situation and went into a 100,000 word rant discrediting me. CBS's blog about everything is here:

So, yeah. I never really wanted to get involved in this stuff in a negative way, and I apologize if I did so. All I wanted from the jump was to put out, what I at least thought would be, entertaining content that would help Barstool grow into an alley it hasn't been down yet. We've had some hits and we've had some misses. I'm not your prototypical "Gamer". Never have been. Never will be. And I've said that privately to Dave behind closed doors for years and even publicly that - "Hey, ya might wanna get someone in here who actually knows what the fuck they're doing, but I'm gonna at least try to do what I think is right to get results"…which is pretty much EXACTLY what I said when I was attacked for playing video games in the office circa 2018. 

And now we step away from the brand and that's OK. No hard feelings. Thank you for all the help and support from Dave, Erika, Jen, Logan, Devlin, Blaise, Radio Bren, Mrags, and countless others who have watched/clipped/enjoyed streams and content on the brand from over the years. PLEASE follow and support Mrags and the Barstool Gametime crew and root them on in all future endeavors. A rising tide raises all ships, and there would be nothing more I'd like to see than Barstool Gametime become an absolute mega player in the gaming and streaming world. 


Now that being said, I'm not retired from streaming. Far from it. 

We've started our own Twitch channel which we officially went live on last night. Contrary to what people have and will say, it is NOT intended to be direct competition with Barstool Gametime and try to one up their efforts. AGAIN - GO FOLLOW MRAGS AND SUPPORT THE SHIT OUT OF BARSTOOL GAMETIME. Sure, we'll stream some gaming stuff like we did last night with that crumbbum WSD where he'll say/do typical animal stuff like this: 

And we're bringing back Jackbox Games with the crew remotely and doing hometown poker nights, too. But the main focus of the page is intended to promote the living hell out of the Penn Sportsbook, ideally as an extension of Picks Central (currently in the monthly gambling lead nbd). We're going to be pimping out the BarstoolSportsbook discord doing live shows involving props, iCasino content, giveaways and other fun stuff that might (will definitely) result in Twitch violations and/or restricting possible sponsored advertisers for streaming (See: Trainwreck vs EA). We can't mess with that stuff on the main Barstool Sports Twitch account and risk it getting banned - Again - but GeneralSmitty1v1? Shit, I'm like the Michael Scott Paper Company, baby! Twitch shuts this shit down, I got a million names! GeneralSmitty2v1, GeneralSmitty1v2, HoochieGoochieSpanksExpress, the new accounts can go on for generations! 

Go and follow twitch.tv/GeneralSmitty1v1 below if you wanna get involved. And pop on the discord, as well. Oh and if you please, check out the defunct old Barstool Philly YouTube page that we used to post throwaway viral videos blogged in 2012 and even has some dated Smitty stand up on with timely jokes about "Ghost Of Girlfriend's Past" on there. It's rebranded to be "General Smitty" and we're just gonna pop infrequent edited videos on there from time to time because, well, frankly I don't know where else to put them. Enjoy!

PS - The Dog says listen and follow CrackingAAces, so you do what the Dog says.