AJ Brown Is Teasing Us About Double Dipping And Playing Baseball For The Padres


Now that AJ Brown and the Titans are at home for the offseason it looks like he's trying to find ways to stay in shape and active. Might as well go back to your glory days, AJ. He saw this Bo Jackson tweet and fired off a RT saying he was thinking about going baseball another go and double dipping while in the NFL, if theres one guy that could do this it's AJ Brown.

This isn't just a pipe dream for Brown either, he is only the second person ever to play in the Under Armour All American Baseball and Football games, the list is Brown and Kyler Murray. He's that damn good. Here is his 2015 Under Armour showcase video, guy can swing it for sure. He was eventually drafted by the Padres in the 19th round of the 2016 MLB Draft and even signed with them which meant he couldn't play baseball for Ole Miss when he was there. I think the football path worked out fine for him, he's turned into one of the best receivers in football and is due for a nice little extension soon, but that didn't seem to stop him from teasing us about playing baseball. It would have to be the Padres if he DID want to play baseball (he won't) and could you just imagine that team? The athleticism on the field would be stupid. Tatis Jr, Machado, AJ Brown, that is a hell of a threesome right there. If there wasn't a lockout going on I'm sure we'd see him show up at a camp and do a light workout for the media like Russell Wilson used to do. Like I said above, it won't happen, but it's a great idea for Brown. Stay in shape, get some swings, have some fun in the offseason. 

He's already got the bat flip part down, so he'd fit right in with MLB players.


He also shot this tweet out saying he'd be better than Michael Jordan was in baseball. Not taking anything away from AJ, but this isn't saying much. Jordan STUNK at baseball. And many people are saying Ryan Tannehill's play has scared Brown away from football and that may be where his baseball idea came from, I don't think that is true.

Just look at the swing, it's a damn good one. The Metal Supply building in left better watch out if Brown starts taking hacks in PetCo. He'd make a great outfielder, I could see him in center chasing down EVERYTHING. With some of the catches we've seen him make on the football field I'm sure there wouldn't be many balls that would drop if Brown was patrolling the outfield. 

Cool little highlight package on Brown too, the guy was a legit prospect before he went all in on the NFL. It won't happen but I'd love to see Brown shagging some fly balls and hitting bombs.