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Introducing The Most Terrifying Free Throw Distraction In College Hoops - The Speedo Air Thrust Line

I know Davidson lost this game but guess what? Dude missed the free throw here. Davidson just happened to get their shot blocked after this to win. But good luck shooting free throws against this. You have like 12 guys there speedos only and completely out of sync. That's what makes it tougher than anything else. I'd be confused how they can't all thrust at the same time. Just get a little rhythm there folks. You know something like this. 

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Gotta roll the hips here fellas. Take note. That or do it right Curtain of Disaster style. 

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All I know is this guy is shaking in his boots for finally being passed the notorious speedo fan. 

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Sidenote with the A-10, that tournament is going to be wild. Davidson is probably the favorite but you see them lose to VCU at home. St. Bonaventure has been wildly underwhelming, but have potentially the best starting 5 in the league. Dayton can win games. VCU can get hot. Fordham, well, they don't suck as much as the last few years. Then you have the likes of George Mason and Richmond and Saint Louis. Basically, the league isn't great but it's going to be a potential bid stealing league. That matters these days. 

Give me all the distractions though. Need it in basketball.