Brad Marchand Compares Patrice Bergeron To A Vintage Ferrari & Gives Chiclets A Shout Out On Live TV... How Are Yaaaa

Our very own Biz Nasty spoke with Brad Marchand pregame for tonight's B's Avs tilt (now on TNT) and explained his now deleted IG post about Vincent Trocheck, called Patrice Bergeron a vintage Ferrari and gave Spittin' Chiclets a shout out all in one. How Are Yaaa *Whit's voice*. I've said it time and time again that Brad Marchand is a national treasure. He also must've had some super serum or something because I thought for sure he'd be gone for a couple weeks at the very least after getting his shoulder blown up by Garnet Hathaway a couple games ago. Nope... back the next game. Hockey players, man.

(h/t NHL on TNT)