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It Just Means More: We Got Ourselves A Good Old Fashioned Slap Fight And Some Taunting In The Handshake Line Between Rivals

If only there was a way for both these teams to lose. Then again, Florida has Mike White as a head coach and Tennessee will always, always collapse under Rick Barnes. I'll take that as someone who can't stand either side here. That makes me the most unbiased, neutral person to talk about this. This was a slap fight. I could barely add the word fight in this. It was a hold me back threat fight. Nothing like a little taunting and half the people involved yapping while arms are draped around their hips like an awkward middle school slow dance. 

You know what? I'm cool with this. No punches were thrown. No need to overreact. Rivals are supposed to hate each other. Oh and if you have something like the Gator Chomp (or the horns with Texas, the U with Miami, etc) you have to expect opponents to rub it in your face. Every time Florida loses teams should 100% gator chomp right in their face. It's what makes college sports great. 

Then again, everyone seems to be slap fighting with people this week. Maybe Tennessee and Florida wanted in. Pageviews, baby. Pageviews. 

Oh and for those wanting a recap: 

Florida blew a pretty decent lead mostly because Mike White is a leading candidate for next major coach fired. Dude just stinks at trying to get Florida to run offense. Sure, not having Colin Castleton is important, but this is years of evidence.