Cody Rhodes And Sammy Guevara Just Had An INSANE Ladder Match On Dynamite


Holy shit. Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara just TORE THE HOUSE DOWN in the opening match of AEW Dynamite's 'Beach Break' special (from the beautiful sunny beaches of Cleveland, Ohio) with an INSANE ladder match. I mean, look at this shit....

It was a match to unify Cody's TNT Championship (which is basically AEW's Intercontinental Championship) and Sammy's Interim TNT Championship, with a setup similar to the ladder match that started it all (Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X), except this feud didn't take quite as long as that one to unfold….it just had the double-titles hanging from the rafters like that one.

Also, Cody Rhodes doesn't get enough credit for being an absolute lunatic, in my opinion. Look at his history of insane bumps/highspots/moonsaults off cages/ladders/anything else and you'll find he's quite the daredevil….

He's a psychopath. I really would've liked to see Cody win, as Sammy's TNT Championship reign really didn't do much for me as a fan, but this was such a star-making performance from Guevara that I can't get too hung up on him going over. It was probably the best TV ladder match since Jeff Hardy vs The Undertaker in 2004. 

If you're looking for something to watch tonight, Adam Cole vs Orange Cassidy in a Lights Out (hardcore) match is still to come, and that'll probably be absurd as well, so check it out on TBS. CM Punk's about to cut a promo in a bit as well.