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Aaron Dell Gets Three Game Suspension For His Foolish And Dirty Hit On Drake Batherson

Buffalo Sabres goalie Aaron Dell earned himself a three-game suspension for his dirty and unnecessary interference on Ottawa Senators stud Drake Batherson last night. Batherson, meanwhile, will be out indefinitely and miss his first All-Star Game in Vegas next weekend.

I know I've had fun talking about old-school goalies like Ron Hextall and Billy Smith, two guys who could be snapshows on the ice. But I really don't know what Dell was thinking here. Batherson is coming in strong on the forecheck and the last thing he's expecting there---that close to the fucking boards---is for the goalie to drop a People's Elbow on him. Just dirty shit that doesn't belong in the game and, frankly, Dell probably deserved more than three games considering the after-effects of what he did.

It's a garbage play that knocks one of the league's young stars out of the game for absolutely nothing. Hopefully, Batherson gets back out on the ice soon. His teammate and Ottawa captain will replace him in Sin City next week though Brady would much rather have his teammate healthy instead.

Neeless to say, Ottawa coach D.J. Smith was not happy after the game...

Dell should be grateful he doesn't have to face the music either after we saw what Lil Walt did when John Marino barked up the wrong tree last week.