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We Have Our Own Oculus For Gametime - What VR Games Should We Make People Play?

Alright Stoolies, this is the time for us all to unite under the VR world. 

Gametime finally has their own Oculus headset (shoutout Gaz) and we're about to open up a (virtual) world of opportunity. I set up the Oculus today and virtual reality is the craziest shit of all time. I purposely won't be getting one for my apartment (for now) because I know I'll be wildly addicted and practically live in the headset. 

Giphy Images.

If you've ever experienced one, you know the exact feeling I'm talking about. For those that haven't, the VR world feels more realistic than you could imagine. It's some spooky shit tbh and it's also insanely entertaining. Aside from games, you can watch YouTube, Netflix and use a bunch of other apps in a more immersive way than you ever thought imaginable.

I put out the tweet above and got a ton of solid responses on potential games to make the office play. Here's the list I've compiled so far (no specific order):

We've already played Super Hot in the past and it went exactly how you'd expect…

This time around, I've rearranged the Romper Room Gametime room to give us a little bit more room.

Anyway, let me know which games you wanna see HQ take head on. We already have some funny ideas in mind…stay tuned for the videos!

One thing I know for certain. Frank the Tank needs to get back in an Oculus ASAP.

I couldn't find the horse riding meme. F.

Barstool Plays is coming back in a big way and we kicked it off in the best way possible - a Frank the Tank Battlefield 2042 review. Enjoy.