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Trivia All-Star Teams Announced For Next Week's The Dozen All-Star Week

Huge congratulations to the All-Stars, and thank you to all who voted!

Four of the twelve All-Stars will not play in the game (which will air on February 1st): PFT (The Experts, out due to a conflict), KB (Frankettes, only one representative per team can play), Kirk Minihane (Team Minihane, playing in One-on-One Duel), and Brandon Walker (The Experts, playing in One-on-One-Duel).

Here is how the draft went down:
ROUND 1, PICK 1 - Team Nick: Chief (Chicago)
ROUND 1, PICK 2 - Team Coley: Clem (Ziti)
ROUND 2, PICK 1 - Team Coley: Tommy (Uptown Balls)
ROUND 2, PICK 2 - Team Nick: Chris (Out of Office)
ROUND 3, PICK 1 - Team Nick: Fran (Experts)
ROUND 3, PICK 2 - Team Coley: Rone (Yak)

Here are how the teams shake out, along with their niche categories:
- Nick (Franketes): TBD
- Chief (Chicago): 2010s Blackhawks
- Chris (Out of Office): Beilein-era Michigan Basketball
- Fran (Experts): One Tree Hill

- Coley (Honkers): Simpsons
- Clem (Ziti): Sweet Snacks & Candy
- Tommy (Uptown Balls): 2010s Yankees
- Rone (Yak): Battle Rap

There will be the normal 12 rounds, Bonus Round, and the Niche Category Rounds. The big difference? Each player will get their niche, so the Niche Category Rounds will be 3, 4, 5, and 6. Both Coley and Nick also got to propose one extra lifeline each. This is what they went with…

  • The Fifth O: Teams can have an entire question, word for word, entered into Google, and can scan the fifth page of results
    • (proposed by Nick)
  • The Dirty: Teams can replace one question of their own at any time with a question about Nelly
    • (proposed by Coley)

This is gonna be fun! I'll make sure to write some fun, different questions, and, of course, have a great Bonus Round. This will air 7|6c next Thursday night.

This match, which kicks off All-Star Week at 7|6c on Tuesday, February 1st, is going to be fucking wild.

There will be 12 Round, a Bonus Round, and lifelines as usual (Call-a-Friend replaced by a second Double-Up), but they will essentially have a full match of just niche categories. Anything they want, their best topics. They can overlap twice, so Kirk can go two Golf categories, Brandon can go two wrestling categories, etc. They've never faced off in trivia, and this is going to be quite something…

Lastly, following a hack of the voting system, we are pleased to announce the first-ever Crime Dog Honroary The Dozen All-Star: Captain Cons! He amassed over 70,000 votes from an auto-voting bot and will throw out the "first question" before the All-Star Game.

White Sox Dave? Not happy.

I have offered him the ability to sing an opening song for the All-Star Game. He has yet to decide…